Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Night in Royal Oak...

Keith, my mom and headed down to Royal Oak, MI for the evening on Saturday.  (My dad and brother were working so couldn't join.)  Keith and I had plans to walk around downtown but they were quickly changed when I wasn't dressed warm enough for the weather.  (22 years here and I still don't know how to dress in the winter, woops!)  We stopped in a cute little place called the Bean and Leaf cafe and had tea for two!  MMM!

The barista suggested we try chamomile and peppermint mixed which turned out to be absolutely delicious!  (You can see we enjoyed our tea while relaxing and enjoying the newspaper and a magazine.)

After warming up with some delicious tea we headed to Lily's Seafood Grill and Brewery (on Dad's suggestion.)  I loved the atmosphere and the food was delicious!  I started off with a ginger miso salad (which wasn't exactly like a ginger salad from a sushi restaurant like the waitress had promised but good none the less.)  They also started us off with some balsamic wheat rolls and sweet butter.

Mom got the fish n' chips fried in their own beer!  Served with sweet potato fries, cole slaw and a cajun ketchup!

Keith chose the salmon reuben on rye swirl bread, which was another delicious choice!  Also served with sweet potato fries and a pickle (mmm, my fav!)

I chose the special, Pan Seared Sole topped with spinach, red peppers (which I had to take off, ick) zucchini, tomatoes, gnocchi, cranberries and a buttery cream sauce.  Served with my favvvvvvvorite, ASPARAGUS!  YUMM!

A great evening overall!  Can't wait to go back and try the beer!

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  1. It's nice to know from someone who is a native of a frosty region that dressing for this type of weather doesn't come naturally. I still need to purchase the appropriate attire: water resistant boots, ear muffs and gloves. At this point, I should just wait until after Christmas. I hope you have a great holiday!