Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bittersweet Weekends

The weekends before finals are always so bittersweet.  Obviously they are wonderful because they are the weekends but there is a huge cloud hanging over my head knowing that I have to study, study and study some more.  I hadn't seen Keefer in almost a month so I decided to make my weekend a little better by studying in The Mitten with him!  It was also nice because we were done with classes and interning yesterday so I arrived last night.

On Tuesday morning I made some eggs and toast per usual however I needed a fruit too so I cut up a grapefruit.  It was SO delicious and juicy!  

After my work out I was in the mood for some fruits and veggies because my grapefruit was so good!  I munched on some carrots with roasted garlic hummus and another smoothie.  I can't get enough of those tropical fruit smoothies!

I was still a little hungry so I decided to make some roasted sweet potato wedges but unfortunately they didn't turn out as planned.  ):  I think I needed to bake them a tad longer.  I had them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes but I think 30 would have done the trick.  I hate wasting food but I hate wasting calories too so I didn't end up eating more than one :/

I was craving pasta and luckily I had some of my mom's spaghetti sauce stored in the freezer so it was a quick heat up.  Spaghetti is definitely one of those things that tastes different depending on who makes it, and I think everyone likes their moms the most.  At least I do!

After class I had a major sweet tooth so I grabbed the last skinny cow in my freezer.  Unfortunately it was a little stale so once again, I had to throw it away.  I opted for a yogurt with some cereal.

Yesterday before our final presentations I made some oatmeal.  I added flax seed, coconut, pumpkin, blueberries and whole grain drink.  It was still pretty tasty but not as filling as I'd like.  I may need to add the egg white again.  I really wish I liked pb in my oatmeal!

Last night I left right after my presentations to come here so I was pretty hungry when I arrived.  We were meeting up with some friends so we decided to make a quick meal of a tuna melt and asparagus.

I'm off to hit the books!

Tara (:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fiesta Lunch

Well Operation Egg White didn't turn out egg-xactly how I planned.  (Cheesy, I know haha)  I think it would have worked if I would have made a bit more oatmeal.  I was actually still hungry when I was done eating so I think I needed a bit more.  Next time perhaps.

This week is the last week of classes!  WOO HOO!  Just have to make it through this week and finals and then I'll be free...for the weekend until summer classes begin.  I'm done going to the hospital so I got to sleep in a bit this morning.  I woke up and made some eggs.  This has to be my fav breakfast.  It is so yummy and keeps me full.

After breakfast I hit the gym for a workout.  It lasted longer than planned and my arms feel like jello.  That's a good thing though!  When I got home I made the last taco I had leftover.  I am out of tomatoes though so it wasn't the best.  I had guacamole on the side which was SO good!  A mini fiesta lunch!

After working on my final case study presentation for the rest of the day I thought I would have worked up a bigger appetite before class haha.  I wasn't too hungry though so I made a smoothie with frozen peaches and blueberries, yogurt, whole grain drink and shredded coconut.  I've never added coconut before but it was SO yummy.  It made it feel tropical!

I did get hungry in the middle of class and had a sudden craving for Raisin Bran.  I don't know where it came from but I made up a bowl as soon as I got home.

I'm giving myself the night off because I finished my case study so I'm off to relax before bed!

Tara (:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Operation Egg White

I can't believe it's already Friday noche!  Where did the week go???  I'm not complaining because I am quite excited to get this semester under my belt but it sure does make me feel like I have a lot more to do in a lot smaller time period and before I know it, summer classes will be starting.

Today I attended the RD registration exam review class.  It was a long day but a LOT of useful information.  The fun continues tomorrow all day as well.  I am glad I still have a year left before I have to take it but I am a bit jealous of those who are going to be RDs in just a couple months!

Lately I've been loving my oatmeal for breakfast!  I've been adding flax seed, whole grain drink, pumpkin, shredded coconut, fruit, and agave.  

The only problem is that it is not keeping me satisfied until lunch!  Tomorrow I'm going to try operation oatmeal egg white.  Hopefully adding a bit more protein will keep me full until lunchtime!  The days I have been eating two eggs and toast are the days that my tummy doesn't start growling until it is actually the right time to eat!

Fruit season is upon us!  I've been loving the fresh strawberries and grapes too!  They are so good to pair with breakfast, to add in a smoothie or just for a snack.

These gala apples are the yummmmmmmiest!

Why oh why did I not grow up putting avocado on my turkey sandwiches???  Really, life changing.  Or at least lunch changing.

Even though I went grocery shopping earlier this week I feel like I ran out so fast!  I don't want to go back because I'm going to The Mitten next week.  I don't like to stock my fridge when I won't be here to enjoy all of the goodies!  I have been doing a lot of salads and tacos + taco leftovers.  I love leftovers...they are so convenient.

I must go rest my brain for another full day of learning, learning and more learning tomorrow.

Night ya'll!

Tara (:

Monday, April 19, 2010

One down...

Paper is done and submitted!  Only a couple more projects and exams stand in the way of having two semesters of grad school under my belt.

Yesterday after I hit the gym for a work out I made a smoothie with a frozen fruit blend.  I love eating smoothies after the gym, I feel cooled off and refreshed.

Before class I made a big salad with a grilled chicken breast.  It was good and it really filled me up!

Today I forgot to snap pics of my breakfast eggs.  I did make some brown rice and a salad for lunch that was so tasty!

When I got home from class I made an open faced tuna melt.  It really hit the spot.

I also grabbed some ice cream after that I had been craving.  It was SO worth it!  Love mint chocolate chip!

Off to bed, I have an evaluation and an interview tomorrow, wish me luck!

Tara (:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long Time No Post...

I've had a major lack in posting lately and because crunch time is upon me with final projects coming up I need to get crackin.  I thought I would sum up my food choices lately with some pics so I can get workin.

In no particular order...

Off to write a ten page paper, ugh!

Tara (:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Chili Flop

Hey ya'll!  My late dinner last night turned out to be kind of a fail.  I've had some chili frozen in the freezer for a while so I took it out to eat it last night and it was pretty dry.  I threw some cottage cheese on top but it just didn't taste right.  Good thing I had made a  yummy salad to go with it!  I was craving ranch dressing last night, weird!

This morning I woke up and decided to make an omelette.  I threw in two eggs, mushroom, onion and cheese and topped it with avocado.  I also had two pieces of toast and a banana.  I couldn't even finish my omelette and it held me over for hours until I ate a smoothie (which I forgot to take a pic of.)

Avocados are SO yummy!  

Before class I threw together a quick dinner. I chopped up a potato with onion and garlic and topped it with some basil.  I also dipped in ketchup which made them almost taste like hashbrowns.  MMM.  Because the weather was so nice today I ran outside and for some reason that made me feel like a piece of BBQ chicken.  Had to have some green beans too!  Unfortunately they aren't fresh green beans.  Canned green beans really stink compared to the real deal.

I had a sweet tooth when I got home from class so I put PBJ on a rice cake.  It really hit the spot!  (:

I can see myself becoming addicted to these.  

Off to relax before bed, night!

Tara (:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where Oh Where

...did the weekend go.  I feel like that every Sunday night but this weekend flew by especially quick!

I didn't snap many photos this weekend but my breakfasts included a few eggs...

...a couple oatmeal/flax seed/banana

...and the best part...STRAWBERRIES!  They were so yummy!

I snacked on some pretzel thins.

Lunched on an awesome turkey sandwich!  Loved the avocado on it!

and ate my Dad's awesome pea soup for dinner!

I just went to see The Last Song which was pretty good but now I pushed my dinner back too much and am so hungry!  Gotta go cook something up!

Tara (: