Monday, April 12, 2010

Chili Flop

Hey ya'll!  My late dinner last night turned out to be kind of a fail.  I've had some chili frozen in the freezer for a while so I took it out to eat it last night and it was pretty dry.  I threw some cottage cheese on top but it just didn't taste right.  Good thing I had made a  yummy salad to go with it!  I was craving ranch dressing last night, weird!

This morning I woke up and decided to make an omelette.  I threw in two eggs, mushroom, onion and cheese and topped it with avocado.  I also had two pieces of toast and a banana.  I couldn't even finish my omelette and it held me over for hours until I ate a smoothie (which I forgot to take a pic of.)

Avocados are SO yummy!  

Before class I threw together a quick dinner. I chopped up a potato with onion and garlic and topped it with some basil.  I also dipped in ketchup which made them almost taste like hashbrowns.  MMM.  Because the weather was so nice today I ran outside and for some reason that made me feel like a piece of BBQ chicken.  Had to have some green beans too!  Unfortunately they aren't fresh green beans.  Canned green beans really stink compared to the real deal.

I had a sweet tooth when I got home from class so I put PBJ on a rice cake.  It really hit the spot!  (:

I can see myself becoming addicted to these.  

Off to relax before bed, night!

Tara (:

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  1. My favorite snack is 2-3 rice cakes topped with Reddi Whip. It's more of a dessert really. Nice job on the outdoor run!!