Monday, April 26, 2010

Fiesta Lunch

Well Operation Egg White didn't turn out egg-xactly how I planned.  (Cheesy, I know haha)  I think it would have worked if I would have made a bit more oatmeal.  I was actually still hungry when I was done eating so I think I needed a bit more.  Next time perhaps.

This week is the last week of classes!  WOO HOO!  Just have to make it through this week and finals and then I'll be free...for the weekend until summer classes begin.  I'm done going to the hospital so I got to sleep in a bit this morning.  I woke up and made some eggs.  This has to be my fav breakfast.  It is so yummy and keeps me full.

After breakfast I hit the gym for a workout.  It lasted longer than planned and my arms feel like jello.  That's a good thing though!  When I got home I made the last taco I had leftover.  I am out of tomatoes though so it wasn't the best.  I had guacamole on the side which was SO good!  A mini fiesta lunch!

After working on my final case study presentation for the rest of the day I thought I would have worked up a bigger appetite before class haha.  I wasn't too hungry though so I made a smoothie with frozen peaches and blueberries, yogurt, whole grain drink and shredded coconut.  I've never added coconut before but it was SO yummy.  It made it feel tropical!

I did get hungry in the middle of class and had a sudden craving for Raisin Bran.  I don't know where it came from but I made up a bowl as soon as I got home.

I'm giving myself the night off because I finished my case study so I'm off to relax before bed!

Tara (:


  1. I should use shredded coconut more often in smoothies, yours definitely looks tropical!

  2. I'm hot and cold on egg whites. Sometimes theyr'e great, but other times, I feel like, why bother? Ha. Great blog, can't wait to check back often.

  3. Oooh coconut in a smoothie! Eggg-cellent Idea :)