Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bittersweet Weekends

The weekends before finals are always so bittersweet.  Obviously they are wonderful because they are the weekends but there is a huge cloud hanging over my head knowing that I have to study, study and study some more.  I hadn't seen Keefer in almost a month so I decided to make my weekend a little better by studying in The Mitten with him!  It was also nice because we were done with classes and interning yesterday so I arrived last night.

On Tuesday morning I made some eggs and toast per usual however I needed a fruit too so I cut up a grapefruit.  It was SO delicious and juicy!  

After my work out I was in the mood for some fruits and veggies because my grapefruit was so good!  I munched on some carrots with roasted garlic hummus and another smoothie.  I can't get enough of those tropical fruit smoothies!

I was still a little hungry so I decided to make some roasted sweet potato wedges but unfortunately they didn't turn out as planned.  ):  I think I needed to bake them a tad longer.  I had them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes but I think 30 would have done the trick.  I hate wasting food but I hate wasting calories too so I didn't end up eating more than one :/

I was craving pasta and luckily I had some of my mom's spaghetti sauce stored in the freezer so it was a quick heat up.  Spaghetti is definitely one of those things that tastes different depending on who makes it, and I think everyone likes their moms the most.  At least I do!

After class I had a major sweet tooth so I grabbed the last skinny cow in my freezer.  Unfortunately it was a little stale so once again, I had to throw it away.  I opted for a yogurt with some cereal.

Yesterday before our final presentations I made some oatmeal.  I added flax seed, coconut, pumpkin, blueberries and whole grain drink.  It was still pretty tasty but not as filling as I'd like.  I may need to add the egg white again.  I really wish I liked pb in my oatmeal!

Last night I left right after my presentations to come here so I was pretty hungry when I arrived.  We were meeting up with some friends so we decided to make a quick meal of a tuna melt and asparagus.

I'm off to hit the books!

Tara (:


  1. YUM! Try and bake your sweet potato's in some coconut oil.. it seriously tastes out of this world :)

  2. I love the tuna melt - I rarely make them and need to cause I love them! I cook my sweet potato fries at 400 for 25 minutes, they are usually perfect!