Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sleeping in on the weekends feels sooooo good!  Yesterday I slept in and woke up to a gumbling tummy.  It's been a while since I've had an omelette so that's what I decided on.  I had two eggs with spinach, tomato, onion, mushroom and cheese.  I also had two slices of whole wheat toast.  OJ and coffee too!

Because I ate such a late breakfast I waited for a while to hit the gym and then had a linner when I got back.  (Lunch + dinner)  I made a turkey wrap in a spinach tortilla with tomato, spring mix, cheese and italian dressing.  I also made some roasted zucchini just like I had made the yellow squash the day before.  YUM!

I knew I would be hungry later because I ate early so I had a cup of antelope chili and an apple, pear salad last night when I was out!  (No pic, woops)  The chili was good but not exceptional however the salad was great!

This morning I had oatmeal, banana and agave.

Time for the gym!

Tara (:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Surprise Flowers

Today was one of our occasional Chicago area intern meetings.  We learned all about resume writing, interviewing and dealing with the media.  It was fun and informative for the most part.  The resume writing was especially helpful I thought.
Before I headed out for the day I made some cream of wheat with banana and agave.  Really hoping I don't get sick of this anytime soon because it is soo good!

At the conference I was starving by the time lunch hit and I think I overate.  None of the foods I chose from the cafeteria were too exceptional either.  Bummer.  I chose half a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich (def not as good as mine haha), chicken soup and taco salad.

I snacked on a Fiber One bar towards the end of day so I wouldn't over-indulge in the next meal too.  By the time I got home it felt so good to get into my comfys.  The VERY BEST part of the day was what I came home to find at my apartment.

Keith sent me sunflowers (my fav) in a cute purple bucket (my fav color) with a wonderful note.  What can I say, I'm a lucky girl (:

I was SO tempted to order a pizza for dinner because I was craving it but I told myself I had to have some self control so I decided to make stir fry and roasted yellow squash.  Both turned out great!  Look how steamy...

For the roasted squash I:
  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees
  • Cut into thin slices
  • Brush with olive oil
  • Add chopped garlic to the top
  • Season with pepper and Mrs. Dash
Delicious!  Can't wait to try with my zucchini tomorrow.

For the stir fry I was trying to be economical but creative so here's what I added:
  • Frozen broccoli
  • Frozen zucchini
  • Frozen peas
  • Frozen cut okra (first time using and loved it!)
  • Frozen asparagus
  • Fresh tomato
  • Fresh mushrooms
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • Olive oil
  • Soy sauce
I love using frozen vegetables because they are often packed with the same nutrients as fresh veggies without the price.  They also don't have the sodium of canned veggies.  I didn't measure anything which is sometimes the best way to cook I think.  (Just being careful with the oil and soy sauce.)  I wish I would have added a million more mushrooms but overall it was a great meal.  I have enough left over for an army so hopefully I don't get sick of eating it this weekend.  I paired my dinner with a glass of white wine and skim milk of course!

For dessert I had a piece of Grandma's oatmeal bread.  Hit the spot.

Now it's time to catch up on my sleep.  I don't have an alarm set for tomorrow...what a wonderful feeling!

Nighty night

Tara (:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Productive Thursdays

A busy day with interning and such yesterday made for a lack of pics and a relaxing night with the other interns.  The only thing I snapped a pic of yesterday was my breakfast of cream of wheat, banana and agave.  Coffee too of course.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same lunch as the day before and guacamole for dinner.  Definitely nothing to write home about.  I really think I am going to like interning at the hospital.  I think that I will learn so much there and I already am!

Because I don't have to intern on Thursdays I promised that today would be a very productive day...and it has been!  I finished all my homework.  It feels so good to be caught up on work.  Today I woke up and made myself some coffee and a breakfast sandwich.

I followed that up with some Awake Tazo Tea!

In the midst of doing homework, homework and more homework I grabbed some lunch.  I love grapefruit.  I think I would put them in my top ten fav foods.  I do wish they were easier to eat on the go.

You can see I tried to make a smiley with my grapefruit knife.  Cheesy I know.  I like grapefruit knives so much better than grapefruit spoons.  But perhaps the best part of grapefruit?? Squeezing the fresh juice out at the end.  Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

I also wanted a bit of protein to hold me over so I snacked on some hummus and carrots.  I like this hummus quartet from TJ's but I think it's probably more worth it to just buy the garlic flavor because that's my fav.  Also, I'm not a fan of the red pepper hummus so I gave all of it to Keefer.

Now I'm off to the gym hopefully to be back in time to prepare a decent dinner.

Ta ta for now!

Tara (:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Post Wonder

Although I love making multiple posts in a day, I rarely have time for it and it seems like it won't be getting any easier.  Today was my first day at the hospital and it was great!  I got a tour of the joint and then got to learn their charting system and do some case studies on patients.  I really think it's going to be a valuable learning experience and put me that much closer to passing the RD exam!

Of course I started my coffee pot...back to Folgers. (RIP chicory coffee, you will be missed.)  I also had cream of wheat, bananas and agave which I'm totally addicted to.  It is so good but the only problem is I don't get enough protein in for breakfast.  I would love to eat eggs everyday but I know that's not the best and I'm not always in for peanut butter in the morning.  I know there are many options but none of them seem to hit the spot in the morning.  Hmmmm......thoughts?

On the train I just relaxed and read a good book.  It really makes the time fly by.  Before I knew it, I had arrived and was hungry (I know, I know...need the protein.)  So I snacked on some apple cinnamon mini rice cakes.  (Again, no protein.)  These actually held me over until it was lunch time.  I packed my lunch last night, which I always do so I'm not rushed in the morning.

We got out a little bit early so I hit the gym.  I'm thinking that spring will be here before you know it so I really need to crack down on my running and working out.  (Plus, I'm trying to talk Ma and Pa into a spring break FL trip....bathing suit body??)

By the time I got home from the gym I didn't have much time before class and I was starvin marvin so I heated up leftover tacos.  MMMMmmmm.

After class I am always craving a little something so I made a smoothie with my frozen fruit, a banana and some blueberries.  YUM!  I also had a piece of my gma's oatmeal bread.

I'm going to finish watching The Bachelor (I'm loving this season) then catch some zzz.

Tara (:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mitten Mondays

Three and a half hours used to seem like forever to drive but lately the drive to and from MI is just flying by.  This morning I had two microwaved scrambled eggs (the best...they are soooo fluffy when you add a bit of milk and zap!)
Keith sent me on my way with a nut mixture from Costco which was so good.  It had cranberries, cherries, almonds, peanuts and dark chocolate.  Perfect for a mid trip snack.  He also gave me a Fiber One but I saved that for class this evening.  (Along with an apple.)
After unpacking when I got home, a gym trip and a grocery store run, I snacked on some blue corn chips and mild salsa.  The chips honestly weren't too good and I usually like blue corn.  I was terrible at snapping pics today and some that I did wouldn't work ):  I also had some carrots and hummus.

Because I wasn't hungry for before class I didn't eat other than my snacks and was starving by the time I got home.  I made a tuna melt and forgot to snap a pic until the last bite.

Tomorrow is my first day at the hospital!  Better hit the hay.  Wish me luck!!

Tara (:

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hola bloggies!  Started the day today with two eggs over easy and some wheat toast.  MMMmmM!  Eggs are the best way to keep me full until lunch.

Both of our parents came up to celebrate Keith's birthday so we headed to Old Chicago which is one of my favorite pizza places.  I was so into the food I forgot to snap a photo!

However, when it was time for birthday cake which was Baskin Robins Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate duo, I snapped a pic.  Green and white for MSU of course!

Here's to a wonderful 22nd year for us both!

Tara (:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Super Shoppers!

Greetings from MSU!  I am back on campus to celebrate Keefer's 22nd Bday.  Last night I arrived a little before 8pm, Mitten time and Keefer wanted Mexican so we headed to El Azteco.  MMM.  We started off with chips and super spicy salsa.  YOWZA!  I like the taste of spicy stuff but I really can't handle it.  The chips were delcious though!

We split a Topopo Salad and nachos.  MMM.  They were so big so the salad was also our lunch today!

Even though we were so stuffed, we weren't too full for birthday dessert so we headed to a new fro-yo place called Swirlberry (aka Swirlbirl as Keith calls it.)  We could choose our flavor and add whatever toppings we liked.  They charged $.65/oz. and Keith really loaded up the fruit.  haha (;  I chose cookies and cream and topped with some chocolate chips.

We ended the night with some friends at a local bar where I tried some delicious beer.  They were all VERY good but my favorite was Founder's Red's Rye IPA.  It was so good.  Def may be my new fav beer.  And it's made in The Mitten!!!

This morning I had a hair appt. so I grabbed a bagel on the go and split the rest of the salad with Keefer for lunch.  We ran some errands and stopped and Meijer (fav grocery store) to get our dinner fixins.  I was so pumped to see NuVal on all the labels.  I was running around looking at all of them and having so much fun!  I  did a project on NuVal before I started food blogging so I'm so excited to see it finally hit the shelves.  I think it is such an awesome project and company.  I snapped a pic of my FAV food and the new label.  Luckily it was given a score of 100!  WOOHOO!

We of course had to buy the asparagus to go with dinner along with our roasted potatoes and swiss mushroom burgers.  (Keith snapped these pics on his phone so they aren't too clear.)

We'll see if we make a dessert tonight...

Tara (:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Golden Guy!

Today I'm headed home for Keefer's 22nd golden birthday!  I have my nutrition seminar first and then I'll leave straight from there to make the 3.5 hour journey back to East Lansing.

Last night I stayed in spending hours on online homework.  Ughh.  I treated myself with a tasty dessert! (and the Tracy Chapman Pandora station too!  LOVE Pandora.)

This morning I woke up with some chicory coffee (its almost gone, boo) and some cream of wheat with raisins and agave.

Also had to get some good protein in there so I had a piece of whole grain toast with PB&J!

The menu for the bday dinner is still undetermined.  Hopefully we'll think of something soon!

Tara (:

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So I have been majoring lacking not only in blogging but also in my food choices and work outs.  Life is returning to its busy busy state and my will to make it to the gym everyday is severely lacking.  I've had intern meetings all week to prepare for our clinical rotation.  Yesterday I started my day with some oatmeal, raisins and agave!

During lunch, some of the girls and I decided to head to the local pub and have a drink.  This Fat Tire was much needed and delish!

Last night we headed out in the city for some fun.  Before we left I had a hummus pita with TJ's parsley hummus.  It was yummus!  I added the hummus to a spinach pita and topped it with the salad I didn't eat for lunch due to a forgotten fork.  It had spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, blueberries and cheese.  I topped it with a tad of italian dressing.  MMM.

Now when I say my food choices lately have been lacking, here's what I mean....

Don't get me wrong, this spinach artichoke dip from The Vines was delish but I can't even imagine the amount of calories in it and I really didn't need it.  I need to be more conscious of my choices.  Half off appetizers does not mean, get one even if you're not hungry.  Especially when pairing with one or two or three beers....

Anywhooooo.  This morning I started with a breakfast sandwich and a smoothie.

I had an intern meeting and hit the gym after for a fairly unproductive work out.  (Staying up til 4:30am doesn't exactly give me the energy I need for working out.)

andddddd now here I sit eating some green beans and leftover spag from the other night.  With a glass of skim milk of course.

Now I need to get ready for class (along with a million other things.)  I'm heading back to The Mitten tomorrow for Keefer's bday weekend!

Tara (:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Package Delivery

My plan was to take a pic of the package I received when I arrived home today but I was too excited and just ripped it open.  I got my New York Travel Guide courtesy of Fresh Local and Best.  Also a very nice card!  Thanks so much Christine!  Now I just have to read it and plan my trip...and make some money too I suppose.  It will be fun to flip through while I enjoy my afternoon cup of mint and chamomile tea in my quiet apartment.

Rewind a bit...this morning I woke up at 4am to send Keith on his way back to the mitten.  Made him some chicory coffee and a breakfast sandwich and sent him on his way.  Luckily I'll get to see him Friday back in The Mitten for his 22nd bday!  I went back to sleep, of course, until my alarm went off at 8am.  Somehow I was so much more tired at 8am than 4am???  I made some cream of wheat with banana and agave for breakfast.  I also had a piece of toast with peanut butter so get in some protein.

I had a 9-4 seminar with the interns to refresh on MNT stuff.  It was so helpful to refresh everything I had learned in undergrad.  It also made me very excited to start my next rotations!  We got a break for lunch long enough to come home so I heated up my leftover mushroom chicken dish from the other night and finished off the melon.  I forgot to snap a pic but you've already seen that.

Now I'm off to make some dinner and get ready for class.  Ugh, long day!

Tara (:

Monday, January 18, 2010


Oh how quickly I forget going to class from 6:30-9:30pm is so exhausting after a full day.  This week will be fully back in the swing of classes and the internship will start next week.  For the next two days I have MNT (medical nutrition therapy) refreshing from 9am-4pm and then class tomorrow night too.  I already have a full lunch packed.  I also packed Keefer a lunch because I convinced him to stay another night. (:  He has to leave at 4am though, ugh.
After another unhealthy breakfast of cinnamon rolls this morning (an apple and coffee too) we decided we needed to get out and get active so we walked for nearly an hour and a half around the neighborhood near my school and looked at all the houses.  It was fun, refreshing and much needed movement.  While contemplating what to have for lunch, Keith suggested a pesto salmon salad.  So when we got home that's what we made and it turned out to be a delicious (and huge) salad.  He smothered two salmon filets in pesto and tomatoes and baked for about 20 minutes.  We added them to a large pile of romaine, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, colby jack cheese, onions, croutons, dill weed, pepper, olives, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  We also split a bran muffin.  So tasty.

After my huge salad I knew I wouldn't be ready for the Mexican dinner we had planned before class and I had a sweet tooth so I made another awesome chocolate chip, peanut butter on a slimwich.  MMM.  I'm becoming addicted to these as well.

After my treat Keefer packed me an apple for class and made me some decaf chamomile tea then sent me off to school!

Class went by slower than usual because I knew I was coming home to an awesome taco dinner.  I sure could get used to arriving home everyday to a scrumptious meal and Keefer!

Time to get some R & R!

Tara (: