Friday, January 15, 2010

The Best Part of Wakin' Up...

'Ello Bloggersssss!  It's the weekend!  I woke up to the aroma of  a cooking roast in my crock pot this morning.  MMM.  I had my cream of wheat, banana and agave blend although this time I added some mixed berry granola.  Although it was tasty, I think I enjoyed it more without the granola the other day.  The granola made it a bit too dry.  I'm seriously becoming addicted to the agave nectar though.  Anyone have some good recipes?  Also had my chicory coffee and oj this mornin.

Today I had my first seminar of the semester which is basically my class with all the interns.  We got out early so I hit the busy gym again.  Started my workout, like every other, with Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.  That song gets me hyped for my run!  She is being interviewed by Oprah today so I'll have to stay up and watch.  (Hopefully Keefer will agree!)
By the time I got home I was so ready for a late lunch.  I've been craving grilled cheese with tomatoes lately and had to avoid eating the roast before Keefer gets here.  Keefer got me addicted to adding tomato on my sandwich.  It is the best!  Grilled cheese is definitely one of my top comfort foods.  It reminds me of home!  I may have grilled this one a bit too long, woops!

I think the best part of grilled cheese is the REAL cheese.  I've grown up on Land O' Lakes American Cheese.  I am SO not into that singles crap.  Ugh.  Tastes like plastic to me.  My mom's dad worked for Land O' Lakes so thats what she always had growing up and that's what my kids will grow up on too!  YUM!

I also heated up my leftover corn from the other night.  Still tasted delish!

Better go keep busy so I don't eat the roast.  Droooool.

Tara (:

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