Thursday, January 7, 2010


No post yesterday and a missed work out today, WOOPS!  Need to keep crankin on these resolutions.  I need to come up with some kind of way to remember to take pictures while I'm eating! hmmm

I had a delicious meals yesterday at Papa Vino's with my grandma, her friend and my mom!  We also got a tasty "other reds" flight of wine.  11:30am and a flight of wine??  Sounds good to me!  I had a bowtie pasta with a white cream sauce with sun dried tomatoes (yummmm), mushrooms (yummmm) and chicken (yummmm.)  The meals was also served with Italian Bread and dipping oil!

Last night was a rare occasion where all of my best girlfriends were home so we had a night out!  The bar was TERRIBLY smokey.  My eyes were burning and my nose was stinging while enjoying my Bud Light (classy, I know.)  I have become so used to Chicago bars being smoke free that I can hardly believe how smokey the bars here are.  I cannot wait til May 1st when bars and restaurants will be SMOKE FREE!  It will be so nice to wear a jacket into the bar and not have it stink for weeks after.  I definitely will not miss waking up with a head full of smokey smelling hair like I had this morning either!  Aside from the smoke it was great to be out with all my best gals to catch up.  Is there anything better than great girlfriends???  I think not.

I not only got to go out with my girlfriends tonight but today I got to have lunch with my 225 (college house) roomies!  Jaclyn, Kristi and I made it through the snowstorm to meet Kiki for lunch.

Thumbs up Kris

Dont, worry, I wasn't taking these pics, Jacs was.

At lunch I had lemon rice soup (had to get it because we were at a Greek place), a greek salad and Jaclyn and I split chili fries (to cure our dull headache, haha.)  I had such a great time catching up with my old roommates.  Love them and miss them so much!

On the way home I got to meet Jacs new pooch, Eva.  So sweet!

Off to make some tea and perhaps a smoothie too!  Must. Take. Pictures....

Tara (:


  1. I can't believe smoking is still allowed in bars in your neck of the woods. I'm with you - May 1st, please come!

  2. Oh man, please blame Jac for how terrible I look there as well. Can't wait to go on food adventures with you in the City!

  3. I know it's ridic! So glad to be back in smoke free Chi!