Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Dolla Holla

My aspirations of making a post last night quickly faded when the offer to go out came up.  I figured that before everything starts to get too busy it would be nice to have a night out in Lincoln Park with some of the interns!  (Also, I didn't have to wake up early today and I can't say no to dollar, yes one dollar brews.)  We headed out early so that we could make it back on the train and not have to pay for a cab.  Clearly there weren't many people on the train on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 1am.

Before we headed out I made a tasty dinner.  I brought back some Omaha Steaks burgers.  Very tasty and easy to make.  Not too cheap but they were a gift!  I sauteed some onions and mushrooms to put on my burger and topped it with a slice of swiss cheese on a Slimwich. (I'm becoming very addicted to Slimwiches.)  I LOVE mushroom and swiss burgers.  I paired my burger with some corn and skim milk of course.  YUM!  Although I like making my dinners now that I'm back at school, I do miss eating them with others.  One of the down sides of living alone I suppose.

This morning I woke up and started a pot of my chicory coffee which I'm still enjoying.  I love this coffee.  Perhaps I'm going to have to start placing orders from Cafe Du Monde.

Yesterday I cut up a melon that I brought back from home.  I always tell clients that cutting up fruit when you get it is the best because it's there to grab for a quick, easy and healthy snack!  This morning I paired my egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with the melon I cut up.  I've been lazy with my picture taking and using my phone which makes for some poor quality pics.  I think I need to start using my camera more frequently.

Now I need to head off to the gym.  My first class is tonight.  I can't believe I'm starting my second semester of grad school already.  Time is flying by!

Good day bloggies!


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