Monday, January 4, 2010

Mother, Daughter Day!

Today was tons of fun with delicious and not so healthy foods.  (Hmmmm, this NY resolution may be tougher than expected.)  My mom and I spent most of the day together which is always fun, especially when it includes some shopping...and EATING!  It was a snowy day today unlike the Christmas pic!

I had a dentist appointment early this morning, no cavities, YAY!  Then headed home for Mom's waffles.  (With syrup to add sugar to my freshly polished teeth.)  Of course I also had to have my morning coffee.  (I really am trying to slowly cut back...I swear.)

I also got a waffle maker for Christmas so I can't wait to try it when I get back to Chi!

After breakfast we were headed off to Marshalls, one of our favorite stores.  You have to do some digging but you can always find great stuff!  I got a few new shirts (some for my internship, some for my outing with girlfriends later this week) and some veggie chips, thanks Mom!

These chips were tasty and were on clearance for one dollar, yes ONE DOLLAR!  Should have bought a couple more bags.

For a quit bite to eat before the gym (well actually before Oprah, then the gym) I had bread and dipping oil with an orange.  Notice the Marshalls receipts in the back.  (:  The bread was homemade Ciabatta courtesy of friend Lise, leftover from NYE.  mmmm

These pans are from my shopping trip yesterday to Kohl's with my parents.  Unfortunately I can't afford to buy them yet and probably shouldn't until I have my own kitchen large enough to store them.  hmm

Oprah had on a vegan chef which got me thinking that I may like to try a cleansing diet in the summer for a couple weeks to see how it feels.  May be quite a task for my meat loving self.

After Oprah I hit the gym to find myself there along with a gazillion other people.  I guess waiting to work out until 5:15pm on the Monday after NY was a bad choice.  I had to wait for a treadmill which I've never had to do before, boo!  Tomorrow I'll be going while the rest of the population is working.  On my way home I picked up a delicious veggie pizza (86 the green peppers, add feta of course.)  I ate THREE slices, woops.  Therefore, no late night snack for me...although I was thinking about a leftover Christmas sugar cookie.

My mom and I topped off the night with a Red Box movie. (LOVE $1 movies)  I do NOT recommend The Other Man.  The most exciting part was the interruption with a phone call from Keefer from New Orleans.  I wish I was there enjoying the cuisine with him!  (Just not the spicy stuff!!)

Only a week left in The Mitten...time sure is flying by!




  1. What a great mom-daughter day! I love how beautifully your waffles turned out - great gift.

  2. raw food diet for a month? i am in.

    vegetable chips or veggie straws? (vegetable chips)

    i want more of the bread from lise and that pesto cheese dip!

    antonio banderas was one of our 20 questions people the other day...weird.

    i am debating if a trip to new orleans is in store later -- have a few more days to decide i suppose. I would HAVE to go during a warmer season. north face jacket, winter hat and gloves is not what i expected down here on the gulf coast!