Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keepin It Classy

After running some errands and working out at the PACKED school gym (two treadmills...really?) I was starving.  Luckily I planned ahead and set out some of my dad's homemade turkey soup he made with Thanksgiving leftovers and froze for me.  Working dinner into my school schedule is not the easiest task because I have to eat right at five so I'm ready for another meal at ten!  Today I heated up my soup and made a bran muffin.  My mom sent back homemade bran muffin mix back with me.  (Back at school and still eating from mom and dad, it's great!)

It was strange being back in the classroom (and for accounting too, ughhhh) but luckily my prof only kept us for an hour instead of three so we headed to the local watering hole for a drink.  I love Poor Phils because they have so many different brews and great food.  Plus, there is always a beer and drink special.  Today it was Victory which is a pilsner.  I've had it before and it's not my fav but definitely tasty and I can't beat $3!

The next best thing (or maybe the best) is that Poor Phils has POPCORN!  I love popcorn so it always hits the spot.  Kathleen is snatching some up here!

Alllll day I've been talking about how I've had a craving for ice cream.  Ice cream is one of my fav foods and I have not had any of it lately.  When I saw someone getting a sundae I couldn't resist.  I had to order a hot fudge turtle sundae and yep, I ate the whoooooole thing.

I'm now sipping on a glass of cab and relaxing.  I put a roast in the crock pot which I've never done before but I'm hoping it works.  I added onion soup, whole onions and carrots.  I wanted to add potatoes too but they all had gone bad.  (I don't know if they would even fit either....the crock pot is small.)  My apartment smells so delicious right now so I really hope it turns out and we can eat it when Keefer arrives tomorrow!  Can't wait for this weekend!


Tara (:


  1. Wow! Look at the hot fudge sundae!!! Only, I wish I hadn't seen it. It's 9:30am and now I 'm craving one!

  2. I know right? When you see it you haaaave to get it.