Thursday, January 21, 2010


So I have been majoring lacking not only in blogging but also in my food choices and work outs.  Life is returning to its busy busy state and my will to make it to the gym everyday is severely lacking.  I've had intern meetings all week to prepare for our clinical rotation.  Yesterday I started my day with some oatmeal, raisins and agave!

During lunch, some of the girls and I decided to head to the local pub and have a drink.  This Fat Tire was much needed and delish!

Last night we headed out in the city for some fun.  Before we left I had a hummus pita with TJ's parsley hummus.  It was yummus!  I added the hummus to a spinach pita and topped it with the salad I didn't eat for lunch due to a forgotten fork.  It had spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, blueberries and cheese.  I topped it with a tad of italian dressing.  MMM.

Now when I say my food choices lately have been lacking, here's what I mean....

Don't get me wrong, this spinach artichoke dip from The Vines was delish but I can't even imagine the amount of calories in it and I really didn't need it.  I need to be more conscious of my choices.  Half off appetizers does not mean, get one even if you're not hungry.  Especially when pairing with one or two or three beers....

Anywhooooo.  This morning I started with a breakfast sandwich and a smoothie.

I had an intern meeting and hit the gym after for a fairly unproductive work out.  (Staying up til 4:30am doesn't exactly give me the energy I need for working out.)

andddddd now here I sit eating some green beans and leftover spag from the other night.  With a glass of skim milk of course.

Now I need to get ready for class (along with a million other things.)  I'm heading back to The Mitten tomorrow for Keefer's bday weekend!

Tara (:

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