Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sushii and Wii

My day began with a bowl of crispix (fav cereal) and my coffee.  Then it was time to hit the gym where it was busy AGAIN!  Honestly, what was everyone doing there at noon??  Although it wasn't quite as busy as last night and I didn't have to wait for a treadmill it was still packed.  At least today there wasn't pizza tempting me under my nose while working out.  (Forgot to mention that last night...it was Monday night pizza night at the gym, ummmmmm????)  Anyways, I had a pretty good workout.  I'm still loving my new shoes!  I used to always get Nike's but I finally couldn't take the pain I was getting in my knees and ankles after I ran and went to a running store where they pointed out my problem (I, along with 47% of the population, run with my feet facing inward causing my knees to twist.  There is a name for it which I can't remember now.)  I now run in Brooks and am LOVING them so far.  So far they have been great!

After the gym I headed over to Kiki's to catch up, play Wii (I want one oh so much!) and eat her homemade sushi.  She started making this when we lived in 225 (college house) and I swear she gets better every time!  I need to go buy the supplies for myself and try on my own when I get back to Chi!

She hasn't started using raw fish yet, but next time?  Mmmmm, cucumber, avocado, Krab, carrots.

Mmmmm, sticky rice.  We also tried eel sauce which is a big thumbs up!

Her yummy California roll.  (Love her cute little cherry apron, how Mittenish!)

Got creative and wrapped the roll in carrot and cucumber shavings

Miso soup...now to perfect the ginger salad dressing....

How cute is this?  I always feel like we are actually out to eat at a sushi place!

The chef herself!

I love having Kiki make me sushi however, I think I need to venture out and start on my own when I make it back to Chi....in a week!  Yikes!

For desert we had yummy Weight Watcher Fudge Pops....for less than one hundred calories.  Thanks to Kiki and her mom for introducing them!

Ending the night with an orange,

Tara (:


  1. i think you have an inward pronation when you run? (sp??)

    those sushi rolls look better than a restaurants!!

    i wish i could have peeled that orange for you.


  2. btw i want ginger salad right now but it's 1:26am nawlins time

  3. You guys make being and eating healthy look so fun! Keep it up!

  4. Ooh nice looking sushi! Oh and that soup... I want it. :)

  5. Yep, Keefer, that's what its called.

    Thanks Christine!

    Yes that Miso soup was so great...and from a package!