Saturday, January 23, 2010

Super Shoppers!

Greetings from MSU!  I am back on campus to celebrate Keefer's 22nd Bday.  Last night I arrived a little before 8pm, Mitten time and Keefer wanted Mexican so we headed to El Azteco.  MMM.  We started off with chips and super spicy salsa.  YOWZA!  I like the taste of spicy stuff but I really can't handle it.  The chips were delcious though!

We split a Topopo Salad and nachos.  MMM.  They were so big so the salad was also our lunch today!

Even though we were so stuffed, we weren't too full for birthday dessert so we headed to a new fro-yo place called Swirlberry (aka Swirlbirl as Keith calls it.)  We could choose our flavor and add whatever toppings we liked.  They charged $.65/oz. and Keith really loaded up the fruit.  haha (;  I chose cookies and cream and topped with some chocolate chips.

We ended the night with some friends at a local bar where I tried some delicious beer.  They were all VERY good but my favorite was Founder's Red's Rye IPA.  It was so good.  Def may be my new fav beer.  And it's made in The Mitten!!!

This morning I had a hair appt. so I grabbed a bagel on the go and split the rest of the salad with Keefer for lunch.  We ran some errands and stopped and Meijer (fav grocery store) to get our dinner fixins.  I was so pumped to see NuVal on all the labels.  I was running around looking at all of them and having so much fun!  I  did a project on NuVal before I started food blogging so I'm so excited to see it finally hit the shelves.  I think it is such an awesome project and company.  I snapped a pic of my FAV food and the new label.  Luckily it was given a score of 100!  WOOHOO!

We of course had to buy the asparagus to go with dinner along with our roasted potatoes and swiss mushroom burgers.  (Keith snapped these pics on his phone so they aren't too clear.)

We'll see if we make a dessert tonight...

Tara (:


  1. Thanks for the NuVal shout out! :)

  2. Great post! Love NuVal scoring and Meijer. I'm a native Detroiter :) Hope you had a good time back 'home'!

  3. Of course! NuVal is awesome!

    Thanks Julie! I had an awesome time. It always feels good to be back home!