Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

The holidays are winding down (well, over) and I've been a bad blogger!  My new year's resolutions must include to blog more (and get back into shape of course...isn't that everybody's?)  I really would like to work on my running.  Aiming for a 5k in the spring to beat my last time...and perhaps a 10k in the summer??  I'd also like to have a few awesome semesters and score a fabulous summer internship in Chi.  (Anybody have any ideas????)

Being back in The Mitten is positively wonderful!  Even though it feels busy busy it's been relaxing.  Christmas with the fam was great!  My fav present is my new Pandora charm bracelet...I love it!

New Year's Eve was spent laying low at home playing Cranium and other games with my parents, my best friend Tissy, Keefer, and my parents friends.  Tons of appetizers and I didn't snap any pics.  Woops!

Keith and I made a list of things to do over break and one of them included a gingerbread house.  Because we were attempting to be on a budget we decided to opt out of the kit from the store, and use what we had around the house.  (Although we did have to purchase some of the candy!)  We were definitely not patient enough to let the icing dry and we had a few collapses but it was a blast!  Next years gingerbread will have a bit more effort....and patience!

Another beautiful family Christmas Tree.  It HAS to be real of course!

What are the holiday's without a little comfort food like homemade Mac and Cheese.

Unfortunately it wasn't quite as good as Kiki's (undergrad college roomie, aka mom of the house.)  I suppose I need the Velveeta and extra butter to make it super delish!

My backyard just after Christmas...this is what an all day Christmas rain will do to the snow.  The lake looks sad without the boats!  Summer is just around the corner, riiiiight?

... fortunately it snowed again (typical MI weather) and we got to go snowboarding, one of my fav things to do!  It was Keefer's first time but he did great.  Hopefully I'll get to sneak in one more time before I head back to Chi.  (There aren't too many slopes in the city...)

I'm thinking that 2010 will be the best year yet!

Happy New Year!  (I can still say that right?),


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  1. im already mentally preparing for going up north next nye. im going to be jumping down through moguls (sp???).

    i need to talk tmrw. remind me about willy the singer and cafe du monde. gnight!