Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cran-Apple Coffee Cake

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While at a conference for Chicago dietetic interns I had the chance to try some delicious coffee cake.  I tracked down the intern that made it and she was happy to share her recipe!  Keith and I tried it the other night and it turned out to be tasty but didn't quite match her culinary masterpiece!  I think I added too many apples which meant a bit soggy but overall it was a tasty treat!
We started by using the Emeril's Apple Coffee Cake Recipe.  The intern suggested that we also add 6-7oz. of fresh cranberries, double/triple the amount of granny smith apples (which I think may have caused ours to be a bit soggy so I would stick with the instructed amount) and 3tsp of cinnamon instead of 1.
 LOVE being home to use my mom's Kitchen Aide mixer.  (My hand mixer at school doesn't always cut it.)  Whenever I get married this will be the first thing on my registry!

My mom loves her snowmen!  Dishes and all...

While the coffee cake was baking we made the glaze which probably could have been doubled but the amount called for worked out just fine too.  We were told to boil the glaze on the stove to help the sugar dissolve.

The finished product took a little longer to cook than instructed but we just did the toothpick test.  It turned out to be a great dessert or morning treat with tea!

Merry Christmas Eve from Michigan!


  1. un magnifique gâteau j'en prends note
    joyeux noël et à bientôt

  2. I love your blog!! I can't wait to try some of this stuff in my new kitchen! I am pumped to cook and bake now!!!l AND, I really want to try Lily's!!!!!

  3. looks delicious! hope you had a wonderful xmas