Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bye Bye Mitten

Just returned from canceling my gym membership.  They charge for the month tomorrow and I leave on Monday to make my way back to Chi Town.  Can't say I had the most productive work out today however I did lose the two holiday lbs. that I gained.  Always a bonus.

Yesterday my gma gave me her blender which I can take back to Chi to make smoothies that I have been snacking on frequently.  My dad used to make them all the time as night snacks and they are great!  We buy frozen bags of fruit because they are cheaper, healthy, delicious, there are a variety of fruits andddd they make your smoothies like a slushy!

I've also been drinking lots of tea! warm up from all the snow!

Once again, I can't wait for May 1st when NO SMOKING is allowed in restaurants, bars andddd bowling alleys!  I had a blast bowling last night with my brother and some friends.  I did my all time best and got 132.  Okay, so it's not great but I haven't bowled in years.  I forgot how fun and cheap it can be. (Plus you can have a few brews while you play!)  They started the cosmic bowling after we got there too!  There's Kate...looks like she just threw a gutter ball.  haha

This morning I made a delicious breakfast sandwich with two eggs, American cheese and some pepper!  Paired it with some black coffee, an orange and skim milk, yumm!

After the gym I had a turkey sandwich on wheat with mustard, spinach and tomato.  Delicious.  I also snacked on some carrots and hummus.

Now waiting for some baked ribs for dinner.  One of my last nights for Mom and Dad to cook while I'm still home!



  1. Tara, that smoothie looks so good with all of that frozen fruit. btw, you won the Best of NY travel guide, send me your address. Christine

  2. i want that bfast sandwich now.