Thursday, May 6, 2010


So I really think I need to attend an AA class - Avocadoholics Anonymous.  I cannot get enough of the green goop lately!  Yesterday and today I made a sandwich with avocado-of course, mustard, onion, tomato, spinach, and turkey on a bagel thin.  SO GOOD.  I know these bagel thins aren't as good as whole wheat bread but they really are a treat for me and at least they are a few less cals than normal bagels.  I give them a big thumbs up.

Today I stuck a cherry tomato in the middle just because I thought it was cute.  (:  (Is that some avocado on the side that slipped off my sandwich??  Hope I got it!)

Yesterday I paired my awesome sandwich with a smoothie that included Frozen peaches and blueberries, one whole fresh kiwi(including the peel), shredded coconut, yogurt and whole grain drink.  It was really tasty but I was a little too full after.  Today I just stuck with some fresh strawberries so I didn't overdo it.  Maybe I'll make a smoothie later for a snack...

Rewind to this morning...I was craving eggs (as always but I decided to have some oatmeal instead.)  I added flax, milk, shredded coconut and a banana and it held me over for a while!  I did have a grapefruit on the side though too.

I'm off to finish studying so I can take my LAST final tonight!  BYE BYE ACCOUNTING!!  I WILL NOT MISS YOU!!!!

Wish me luck!

Tara (:

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  1. Avocado's are so good right now! Your sandwich looks amazing. I eat the skin of kiwi too :)