Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Semester 3

Ya know when I was so excited last week for school to be out??  Well, today it's a school day again.  Where does the time go??  I thought I would be blogging more when I had the weekend off but apparently not.  Ay yay yi.

I have been a slacker to the max when it comes to taking pics of food.
Blurry oatmeal with flax and banana....


gauc, smoothie and more guac.  My avocados were going to go bad so I made a giant bowl of guac and ate it over a few days.

I also made some roasted potatoes which I love.  I just chopped up a potato, tossed in olive oil, basil and garlic powder with a bit of onion and popped in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 min.  YUM!

I've had this probs x4.  Cannot get enough.

Last but not least, I'm loving these LUNA bars!!  SO tasty!

Off to the gym so I can be ready for class!

Tara (:

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  1. My guac doesn't last for days - I probably should add more lime if I plan to save it. Hope you had a good day in class :)