Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grandma's Eggs

Perhaps the best thing about not having to rush off in the morning is getting to enjoy a nice relaxing breakfast.  This morning I decided on eggs over easy and whole wheat toast.  This always makes me think of my grandma because she would make it every single time that I would sleep over.  Mine still are never as good as hers.  Why is that?

I had to go to school for a while today so I snacked on an orange, an apple and a Fiber One bar.  When I got home I had some everything pretzels from TJ's.  They are delicious!  (And addicting, so be careful!)

I wasn't too hungry for dinner because of my excessive pretzel snacking but I did end up eating so I wouldn't get hungry in class.  I had tilapia, brown rice and a spinach salad with cheese, a tomato, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a dash of dill.  It was a good salad but not great.

After class I snacked on a grapefruit.  They are so yummy!

Off to relax so I can go to a nutrition care process seminar tomorrow, ay yay yay....

Tara (:

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