Saturday, February 6, 2010

Green Eggs and Tummy Aches

Dr. Seuss definitely glamorized green eggs because this morning when I woke up while eating my breakfast sandwich I noticed a small green patch.  Stupidly, I didn't think much of it and kept eating and didn't feel so hot for the remainder of the day.  It even ruined my Saturday night plans.  Grrr.

Last night after a total, but fun pig out and wine night with the interns I needed a lighter food day.  After my stomach began feeling normal again I thought I should eat easy foods.  I made a PBJ and chicken noodle and vegetable soup for dinner.  You can tell I like my strawberry jam.  (:

These were both yummy and fortunately they settled well haha.  For dessert I grabbed a grapefruit and am now sipping on some hot cocoa.

I'm making chili in the crock pot for the mini intern Superbowl party!  I haven't made it before but it's Keith's recipe and his always turns out great!  Wish me luck!

Off to bed!

Tara (:

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