Friday, March 19, 2010

Accounting Sucks

I had my accounting exam tonight and it completely killed me.  UGH.  I will NEVER be a CPA, EVER!!!!!!

Anyways....I set my alarm to get up this morning and made myself some eggs over easy with coffee.  Delish!

I met Hannah at the gym around 11 to work out before my class.  I love our weekly gym sesh because it gets me out of bed and moving so that I can meet her.  I thought my bfast was big enough to hold me over but NOOOOO.  I was SO hungry before my class started at one so I grabbed a tuna sub from the cafe shop on campus.  It was actually more yummy than I thought and pretty cheap too!  I didn't get to snap a pic though because I was scarfing it down in class and I didn't think it would be appropriate to snap a pic.

I was on campus most of the day studying for my exam so by the time that awful thing was over I came home and heated up leftover spaghetti and grabbed a cheese stick before heading down the street to meet my friends for a drink.

I also got a salad because I was in need of some veggies when I got to the bar but forgot to snap a pic of that.  I did snap pics of beer and me!  I'm on the right in the green!

I stayed up late last night talking to my best friend for an hour and a half!  I'm extra tired so I'm resting up for our sports nutrition conference tomorrow!

Tara (:

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  1. Accounting was not my thing either and I was in Business School!