Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a Beautiful Mornin

Today I felt as if I had never left!  Because I got almost no sleep two nights ago, last night I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.  It felt so great to sleep so well.  This morning my alarm went off and the sun was shining!  I don't know about you, but for me it's so much easier to get up when the sun is peeking through my curtains.
Can't wait until there are leaves on these trees!

I started my morning with a bowl of old fashion oats, flax seed, whole grain drink from TJs, banana and agave.  YUM!

My lunch at the hospital was a little better today because I put sprouts on my turkey sandwich.  I LOVE sprouts and always have so I'm not sure why I don't always keep them in my fridge.  They made my sandwich 100x better!

After my day at the hospital I could not force myself to go back inside to the gym so I went for a run outside.  I didn't work out much last week at home and I can DEFINITELY tell.  I need to get back at it. I came home and did a Yoga Download session which I really liked.  I was also craving a smoothie so I threw a banana, frozen raspberries, cherry vanilla yogurt, OJ and flax seed into the blender.  I thought the flax seed would make it seem a bit more substantial but it was NOT good.  I will NOT be adding flax seed to my smoothies again.

My dad also sent me back with some of his homemade vegetable beef soup and it was DEEEELISH.  Homemade soups are SO much better than the canned.  I must say it's nice to be back and still eating mom and dad's cookin.

I packed a snack for class and made this yummy tea.

I knew I would be hungry after class so I tried to minimize the amount of soup I had so I could make this awesome salad topped with sprouts, olives, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, blue cheese, pepper and italian vinaigrette.

I still had a sweet tooth so I made a slimwich with pb and chocolate chips.

No interning tomorrow for St. Patty's Day but unfortunately I'll be studying for a midterm on Thursday ugh.  I am going to head downtown to go for a run by the lake with Jenna tomorrow if the weather holds up.


Tara (:


  1. I love sprouts too! Just ads some extra crunch and texture. Homemade soups really are better, especially when someone else makes them! Happy St. Pat's Day!