Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nutrition From the Ground Up!

Happy second day of National Nutrition Month!  Tomorrow at my internship I have to make a display about it so I've got it on the brain.  This year is Nutrition From the Ground Up.  I think this is a really awesome theme.  It encourages growing your own fruits and vegetables which I personally haven't really done but hopefully I can this summer!  My house at home really doesn't have an area where animals can't get to them.  I never get to take pics at the hospital, obviously but maybe tomorrow I can snap a pic of our display.  
Today I forgot to snap a pic of the oatmeal I ate for breakfast but I can assure you that it was tasty.

I was so hungry this morning that I needed something else.  I had a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese.  It was good and definitely held me over longer.

I forgot to take a pic of my lunch again but it was the same ole same ole.  I did add veggies to my lunch this week though!  Mission accomplished.

Today at my internship I had to go into an isolation room.  I was a little freaked out at first but once I got used to the mask and the whole gown, glove thing it was just a pretty normal assessment.  I really feel like I am learning a lot at the hospital and am liking the experience.  It is so great getting to work with so many different people and helping them.

I got home a little later than usual today so started heating up Keefer's spag sauce that he sent home with me.  It was just as good as I remembered!

I headed out the door for my 95 question econ exam. UGH!  It was long and tough but I'm done with midterms until after spring break, YES!  
I snacked on broccoli topped with a bit of colby jack when I got home and it was so good! (No pic, I'm so forgetful!)
I also had to have a glass of wine to celebrate.  I love this wine!  Cheap and yummy from TJ's!

I'm off to bed.  Night!

Tara (:


  1. It sounds like you are awfully busy. Maybe you can share pictures of the city you live in, I'm curious!

  2. I think your internship sounds great, I bet you are learning a ton!