Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Made it through hump day!  

This morning I was excited because Marie and Gaby had to come to my hospital for a fair on National Nutrition Month which meant I didn't have to ride the train alone.  I don't usually mind because I read a book but it is always so much more fun to talk to people.

I started with some cream of wheat with agave but knew I needed some protein so I scrambled up an egg too.

Doesn't this almost look like a scoop of vanilla ice cream?

At the hospital we did a healthy snack demo and made fruit and yogurt parfaits.  Unfortunately they ran out so I didn't get to eat one but I snacked on some of the popcorn, my carrots, PBJ and a fiber bar.  We got out a bit early so I headed to the gym.  When I got out it was 4:15 but I was SO hungry so I decided to just eat dinner.  I had leftover pasta dish from the other night with asparagus that I topped with olive oil and parmasean cheese and grilled (my fav) and some cottage cheese.

I know I would be hungry later in the night but I suppose I just couldn't wait for dinner.  

I signed the lease for my new house tonight!!  I'm moving in the end of May and can't wait!!  It will be so great not to live in a studio anymore and to have roooomies!  I'll be counting down the days til I'm out of this apt!

I finished up some homework tonight and then my tummy started grumbling.  I made a salad topped with sprouts, avocado, onion, tomato, sugar snap peas, pepper and balsamic vinaigrette and it was yummy.  Then to cure my sweet tooth I finished off the pudding I made the other night.

I can't believe a week from today I'll be going home for Easter! Time is flying by!

Tara (:

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