Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday Funday

Happy Monday!  The sun is shining here in Chi and although it's not super warm the outlook for the week is mid SEVENTIES and sunny!  YEA!  I'm headed back to Mich on Wed. and the weather looks great there too!

My weekend was spent with Kristi.  I was only planning on staying with her one night but we had so much fun that I stayed both nights.  Our plan was so head to an MSU bar Friday night for the game but it was so packed that we just went to another one to watch them WIN!  Before I headed out I made a grilled cheese.

Saturday morning Kristi and I decided to try a new place for brunch called Orange.  I've heard a lot about it but I actually didn't think it was that great.  I was craving a pancake so I tried the cinnamon roll pancake but it was way too sweet.  It was also HUGE so I took most of it home and ate some for dessert later on.

Kristi got an omelette that looked much better.  I think I should have gotten hers instead.

We walked around the city for most of the day and decided to grab dinner at a place called Millers Pub.  I hate chicken pot pie with salad and they also served yummy rolls.  It wasn't the best pot pie ever but I think I'd go again.  The prices weren't too bad either for being right downtown.

We decided to relax and stay in on Saturday night so Sunday I woke up and she made me a yummy breakfast.  What a nice hostess!

There was another MSU game on yesterday (which they won...FINAL FOUR WOOOO) so we headed to the local bar to watch the game and grab a drink for a Sunday Funday.  I even got a lime with my name carved in!  haha

I ate shrimp at the bar yesterday but forgot to snap a pic.  

I woke up this morning and made some eggs and toast then hit the gym for an awesome work out.  It definitely feels great to have a nice workout after a weekend full of eats and drinks.

I was super hungry by the time I got home so I ate some cottage cheese, a salad and broccoli with some mozzarella on top (yum!)  I had a glass of milk too.

I can't believe it's Easter week.  Time is flying by.  When I get back I'll only have about a month of school left in the semester.  Crazy!!  Where did the time go!  I guess I better get crackin on some of these projects.

Tara (:


  1. Dang girl!!! All your food looks absolutely fabulous! Yum!!! I will be in Michigan on the 9th I am so excited and honestly cannot wait!!!

    How'd you manage to land a guest post on Trading Up Downtown? That's wicked awesome

  2. Oh my gosh all the food looks awesome!! Congrats on your guest post:) How do you manage that?

  3. I just saw a tweet from her about nuval and responded!