Monday, March 8, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now...

I'm here for a quickie post!  I got back into The Mitten on Friday night to send Keith on his trip to South Dakota then finally made it home on Saturday.  It's always nice to be home but I reallllllly would love to be back in Mexico.  I guess I need to just get over it.  I've been eating lots and lots however I have not been snapping enough pics and the ones I have been aren't working, grrrr.  Technology can be so frustrating!!  I have a lot of pics of our diversity conference from Friday where we had a TON of different tasty foods.  Hopefully I can get them to work and post them next time.

I finally got contacts today.  I usually wear glasses for long distance (driving, class, movies) but I could tell my vision was definitely becoming worse, which they are.  It was a little weird sticking things to my eyeballs at first but once I got them in it was AMAZING!  I could see things so sharply that were so far away!  What an awesome feeling.

And now I'm finishing up packing so I can head up to Northern Michigan to do some snowboarding with my brother and his friends.  I'll be back Wed. so hopefully I have pics to upload.

Ciao Bloggies!

Tara (:


  1. Don't these small things make the biggest difference in the world!

  2. Happy RD Day to my fellow soon-to-be RD :) Have a great day!