Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring in my Step

Hello bloggies!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was wonderful and relaxing!  Keefer came this weekend because I was dog/house-sitting for my mom's friend and didn't want to stay there alone.  It was nice to not be crammed in my studio but it's always good to be back in my own place with my own things. This weekend was filled with some good eats so here goes a mixture of my weekend...

My usual cream of wheat with bananas.

Scrambled Eggs.

Old fashion oats with dried cranberries and cinnamon.

Keefer's hashbrowns.  YUM

Breakfast out!

This served as breakfast...and then again for lunch later.

Mine too!

Monday fuel.  Lots of eggs this weekend it seems, huh.


For lunch we tried this little place in town called Alpine Deli.  It was SO good and cheap.  I love finding these little gems.  It was cheap too!

One of our snacks...

Dinner was courtesy of Ellie Krieger this weekend.  She really has some amazing recipes.  This weekend we decided on tuscan roasted chicken and vegetables.  We added acorn squash, mushrooms and onions to the recipe.  It was SO good.  I cannot wait to eat the leftovers!

We paired it with some garlic bread we bought from the Alpine Deli...again, SO yummy!  This may be my new fav place.

Last night we prepared Ellie's penne roasted tomatoes, garlic, and white beans.  We used whole wheat shells instead of penne and pinto beans.  It was a GREAT recipe that I also can't wait to make again.  I think I may add spinach and more tomatoes next time though.

I also made salads topped with tomatoes, onions, sprouts, mushrooms, olives, croutons, avocados, pepper and balsamic dressing.  Green beans on the side too!

This wasn't everything we ate this weekend but it's everything I remembered to take a pic of.  (There may have been some brownies in there too haha.)

Last night I made a batch of pudding and we topped it with a banana!

Keefer got to stay a bit later tonight so we got to go for a nice walk.  It's beautiful outside but still a little chilly.  I LOVE thinking that summer is getting so close.  Can't wait to have warm weather and a year of grad school under my belt.
(So glad I was walking and not taking the train anywhere today!)

I'm off to ask for donations for National Nutrition Month and hit the gym.  Happy Spring!

Tara (:


  1. Such great food, as always! Glad you had a sunny weekend in Chi, it was cold and rainy in the D.

  2. This post reminds me of all of the great breakfast foods I'm missing out on. They look so good!